Thursday, 26 March 2015

Digital paper collage tutorial

This is a tutorial for digi paper portrait collage for PSP or with your help maybe not only. The idea behind it is very simple and may be used with any other programme that allows you photo editing and/or creating digital scrapbooking layouts.

This whole thing started when I saw the pin by Neisha on Pinterest with the geometric portrait of Twiggy with a promise of a tutorial. The links unfortunately were duff, but I thought to myself how hard would it be to figure it out, and after experimenting on 2-3 pictures of ducks I then spent 3 days trying with the first portrait. Several scrap-its and lets-start-it-agains from scratch. I made a mistake and created it first in the original resolution of 1024x768 and then liked it so much I wanted to do it again but this time not flood filling, instead using the solid papers. I finished it after 3 days and about 20 odd layers (all of which are merged layers in their own right)and it still looked too "patchworky", more than I wanted. So I set up a new task, and tried again until it comes almost easy. I will try to explain it to you here, but please remember I am hardly a wordsmith, so ask questions, if I can I will answer here, if I don't know, I am sure somebody will pick it up. I would like to keep it like open source, so we all add to the tutorial, and the experts in other programs if and when they work it out, or need to change something do so by adding to the thread therefore making it more usable by the others, and making more accessible and wide-spread. One more thing: I can hardly call it a tutorial, it's more of my thoughts on the matter and the looksie into how I do it. With that being said...

Let's begin. I thought it would be easier to show it on the new image, I haven't finished it at this stage, but I am sure we'll find out what it looks like in the end... eventually. If you want to learn from my mistakes save the intermediate stages! I lost my work around midnight last night (I guess I was too tired to notice which file I was closing without saving) so had to start again this morning but the first steps would have the last night's results showing, keep in mind that no two results from the same image will be the same. You don't have to choose a portrait, it can be landscape, full body, duck, sillhouette, you name it, it can be done, but I like portraits, so I open the photo made to fit the size I need it to be when I will eventually use it. Mine comfortably fits into a document 12x12 inches.

I zoom in on the part I want to start with, I usually start with the eyes, so zoom in on the eyes, and select the area you will be filling with colour or paper next, again, you can use different tools, I do it with the lasso in Paint Shop Pro that I feel more comfortable with, having used it for 10 years. To create not too jagged an edge I use the point to point lasso with the smoothing of 13.

I open the white paper reverse the selection (Ctrl+shift+I) and hit delete, so that I am left with two blank eyes for that lovely zombie effect

I make the layer invisible (if at any point you need to ask HOW about anything, please, do, but for now I assume that you already know) and select the next portion of the eye.

Here is a small trick: I open the folder with different papers next to the portrait many a time to match the colour better, like now whilst looking for the colour of her eyes.

Now I use brush (round somewhat squashed and tilted) in black for the pupil, and white with reduced opacity for those highlights, I add a couple of lights using my trusty lassoo for those stray hairs in front of her baby blues, and then lighten the colour of selection with the Shift+B and playing with the sliders (remember that trick at any point of the game), if you want the two or more shades of the same tones of colour.

Continue building your image like that using papers to replace the selections. Remember you don't have to go from the bottom up like for a cake, if you want to create a detail of the cheek, and then decide to go for the major part of the face in the other colour, just position the layer underneath, save your time, not having to go carefully around the cheek highlight...

I keep blending the finished areas, that way you will keep it to a more manageable number, note, I saved the eye details separately from the face so that I could go back and add the eyelashes in between.

See when I finally get to doing them, I make them too dark to look realistic, (I used the lasso with smoothing 2 to create the shape) so I use the trick with Shift+B again to lighten them.

I start working on the hair strands, this time I use freehand tool on some of the strands, and point to point on the others.

or 4?! I am incapable of self control.

Since I wrote this, I have added a board on Pinterest, where I add the new creations and other people's layouts that use this tutorial.
Let me know if you play with it, whether with a question, or showing your results. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

new pretty stuff for scrappers at A5D today

Everything About You ~ FWP Collaboration Kit

Through May 4th the Everything About You Collaboration is FREE with your $10 purchase at A5D! Please do not add this kit to your cart. Everything About You will be automatically included with your qualifying $10 purchase, free of charge!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

the gorgeous sketch technique by Ziggle scraps and a chance to win this software

Wow, I wish I could win the software that produces such awesome result. The sketch is far prettier than the ones I can produce with my software.
see for yourselves:

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

kimla designs digital scrapbook designs: {Sneak peek} of my new Autumn Collection and chanc...

kimla designs digital scrapbook designs: {Sneak peek} of my new Autumn Collection and chanc...: Hello Everyone, A little tiny sneak peek today of my Kimla's huge autumn collection, which is coming to her store this Thursday, 1st of Septemb...

Friday, 15 April 2011

Sweet On You {complete kit} by Laurie Ann & Facebook Gift

This new kit of Laurie Ann is out, and it's beautiful. Soft, muted colours, fun elements, sweet alpha. Sweet on You {complete kit} is a celebration of love in all its forms at spring time. The love in one's heart for a child, a sweetheart, a mom or even a puppy! It's filled with an eclectic mix of old and new to help tell your stories from days gone bye and today. With over 40 elements, 20 papers and 14 word art, there's plenty here for dozens of layouts!
But wait ... as part of our April celebrations there is something alittle extra for you ... Purchase Sweet on You {complete kit} before Sunday, April 17th and get the coordinating Sweet On You Stamped Alphabet FREE with kit purchase! This FWKP promo is only from Friday, April 15th to Sunday, April 17th. NO need to add the alphabet to your cart; the download is included with the kit!

PLUS ... for all of our Facebook friends .. there is available for a short time only a free gift - Sweet on You {Add-On}. All you need to do is 'Like' HGD By Laurie Ann and visit our Exclusive Download page to recieve your free gift.

Now for some previews: Here is what the kit looks like

And now for some Pages I made using this kit

made with the kit itself
And the following two with the add-on plus alpha.

Thanks for looking! Have a nice day wherever you are!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Desperate for spring

It has been a mild winter, I'll give you that, but I feel like spring now would be welcome anytime. So sitting here listening to the pitter-patter and genereal monotone of the rain drumming on the window sills, and window panes when the wind changes I dream of sunshine and will for the spring to already be here. This is how I want to feel. Happy sunlit, with a smile on my face. I long for that spring-time light-headed feeling.

I have made this page into a Quick page, that you can download from 4shared by clicking here.

It's a 12 x 12 inches png file, made by me from assorted photos. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Happy Birthday Uncle Michael, happy Birthday to you!

Let me start by telling you that today is a special day, because it's Uncle Mike's Birthday, and to wish him a very Happy Birthday!!! Many many happy returns, and we hope you have a most wonderful

Today we also went to the Build-a-Bear, (we had some generous coupons from Uncle Michael, and his family in New Zealand to use) and chose some special animals; so today is also a Birthday of two lovely new creatures.

The oldest went first, she knew exactly which animal she wanted, she had a particular black cat in mind, she stuffed it just enough to make him soft and cuddly... Then she took a heart, made a wish, rubbed it on her forehead to make it clever, rubbed it on her cheek to make it cheeky, then kissed it to give it all her love, and put it inside a kitty-cat. Gigi was born first, but only minutes before Hedwig, for our little one loves Owls, big ones, small ones, Barn owls, Great Grey ones, Elf owls, Screeching ones... So owl it was, a young Snowy owl.

She also chose a heart, made a wish, filled it up, and decided that her owl is going to be a rock star, so she went for a guitar and an mp3 player, after informing me that there was no point in spending money on dressing it up, since I could sew the clothes for her... Ok, I like the trust in her Mother's abilities. Nice.

The certificate of birth were printed, the babies packed nice and snug and off we went to our new adventures.
It turned out that mp3 player of the owl is playing music... and it's a girl. It's basically a rock chick owl... Taylor Swift Owl. What a hoot!
Now for the challenge of sewing a ball gown fit for Taylor...Owl.

The first animal is ready for the ball in her polka dot, or as our kids call it Olga-dot dress... The second dress is all ready, and waiting for the dd to pose with it tomorrow. And for today it's goodnight from us, and it's good night from cat and owl. Good night, and thank you to our Aunt and Uncle from New Zealand, and the cousins! Hope you are enjoying your summer!